Gay Vanity Wedding Show ~ LGBT wedding photographer Misti Layne ~
I had the pleasure of being the event photography sponsor for the Gay Vanity Wedding Show put on by the lovely guys at Sullivan Botello Events. I do so adore them and love being a part of the event. I am proud to say if I wasn’t the first I know I was among the very first to photograph LGBT weddings over 10 years ago and well before being a wedding photographer was actually cool. It was a fun time and the fashion show was truly delightful! Love is love and the people at this event are proud supporters. I highly recommend each and every one of them. Bently Reserve Classic Party Rentals Verducci Event Productions 49 Square Catering Napa Valley Linens Silvestri Co. Today’s Bride Janene’s Bridal Boutique San Francisco Bay Times Circosphere A52 Signs and Graphics Laurel Designs Florals The Klipptones Puma Donna Makeover Itani Dental le Meridien Magnolia Jazz Band
Nightwish, Sabaton & Delain at The Warfield ~ Live Music Photography Misti Layne ~
It was one of those crazy days where things or I should just simply say “I” was a bit discombobulated. I show up at The Regency Ballroom to photograph Nightwish, Sabaton and Delain only to realize OOPS they are at The Warfield! Fortunately, they are fairly close and fortunately I know how to work parking in San Francisco and so made it with minutes to spare but WAIT! Start time was not 8 but moved to 7.30 and Delain are on the last song. Ohh crap! All was not lost, however, when the lovely people of The Warfield know and understand my plight especially when they know I’m shooting for Goldenvoice and say “shoot, shoot, shoot!” and I got at least a few of Delain. Whew! Next stop “the pit” with some time to spare. I don’t do a lot of research on bands I don’t know before photographing them. I like being surprised and coming in with a clean perspective. I don’t know why in this world of everybody googling everything but I like surprises I guess. So with no expectations I go to the pit for Sabaton and walk out laughing my ass off–in a good way. Thobbe Englund and Chris […]
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Sixx:A.M. crushes The Regency ~ Live Music Photography Misti Layne ~
I’ll photograph any type of music. Don’t care. I just want to be there. So I was in for a great surprise when I saw Vamps, Apocalyptica and Sixx:A.M. at The Regency Ballroom. “Holy shit” was all I could think when I walked away. For whatever reason these bands were just not on my radar so I had no idea what I was going to see beyond Nikki Sixx. Yep, tis sadly true. But that night I saw the sexiest thing ever with a long haired, tatted Viking looking guy playing a cello while shirtless and in a kilt and Doc Martens. Never would have thunk I’d say that let alone see that but Apocalyptica just amazed me. Then there “it” was. The passion that I just so love seeing in live music by people who are just doing what they love to do and with every ounce of their being. Sixx:A.M. was just amazing. Pure and simple. The passion, joy, love and pure exuberance standing on that stage was just beautiful to see. The talent, of course, a given. But I swear James Michael NEVER stopped smiling. I didn’t have a pit pass for this one as I think they had […]
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Feeding my heart and soul ~ Humane Farming, Documentary Photography
There are times, once your passion has become your business, that you have to go back to your roots. Doing a personal assignment can fill up your creative soul again when you lose touch. So, being a farm girl way back in the day, I chose to do some documentary photography at a working, humane farm in Nicasio called Devil’s Gulch. I spent the day just roaming about. Learning about the rabbits, watching the pigs and piglets and stumbling into the Silky chickens in the most random of places. I was utterly exhausted at the end of this day. I was up before the sun, which those that know me know this is way out of character. I chose this as a self assignment to nurture my soul. It is a working farm and vineyard and I happily say a humane and organic farm. Silky chickens roamed free and laid eggs in the most random of places. Sows and their piglets rested in spaces filled with straw and an open door to the outside or heat lamps when they wanted to sleep. Rabbits that one day would be on the tables of diners at French Laundry were named and loved […]
Decibel Magazine hosts Heavy Metal Bands – Live Music Photography
I try to be an honest person. So here goes a bit of honesty. Heavy Metal bands and music are not my thing. But I have a great time photographing them.  Yes, the hair flies, yes, the music is loud and yes, I can’t understand a word. But this was my first time seeing At The Gates, Converge, Pallbearer, Vallenfyre and Special Guests Cormorant and I had a great time. Check out Decibel Magazine for more images.
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Gang of Four at The Independent – Live Music Photography
When I saw that Gang of Four was coming to The Independent in San Francisco, I was all over getting tickets to the show. I’m a total product of this music but never got to really see live music in Michigan. Now, when I see someone from my “past” is in town, I’m just thrilled. Gang of Four did not disappoint and so glad I get to add them to my “Seen ’em” list.  
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Family Portraits in the Napa Mustard Fields
I’ve known the Tauziet’s for years now and have watched the kids actually come and then grow. When I got the call for the annual portraits and to do them in the mustard I think I actually yelled “YES”! There is no denying Napa is beautiful, but when you add the mustard in vineyard fields you just get a wow factor that makes me look twice. I think photographing families and for sure kids, needs to be as real as possible. This is what makes a family a family and what makes them unique. I’m not going to try and get toddlers to behave. Frankly, the unwilling behavior is far more fun to photograph! It can be tricky when the sun is going down and there is a mad race against time but in the end, I conquer! In this case, I think I also gained a boyfriend–can you say “Cougar”? Love this family!
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How Do You Prepare For Your Engagement Session?
  Engagements Sessions Are For Getting to Know One Another I love doing engagement sessions. There really are no two alike. This time is an opportunity for the couple and I to get to know each other prior to the wedding, where I get to see how you interact and you get to know how I work. The engagement session gives us both practice with one another and allows us to be comfortable when the big day comes. A comfortable bride and groom make for beautiful wedding photos.   When it comes to engagement photos and the location, every couple wants to be iconic in some way. It may be the Golden Gate Bridge, the place where they met, had their first kiss, or the proposal. I always get excited when the couple chooses a location like the first kiss because chances are it’s at a space where I’ve never shot before, which makes for a fun challenge. Oddly, quite often, couples choose a bar for their engagement session location (the old fashioned way of meeting) and we have a cocktail to start, during, or after the session. When I’m told one or the other is nervous, we absolutely START with […]
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The Broods rock The Regency, music photography by Misti Layne
Pretty sure I don’t need to say it again but I love live music and doing music photography! Recently caught the Broods and opening act Mikky Ekko at The Regency and I have to say I didn’t know what a Mikky Ekko was but he has a new fan.
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G-Eazy rocks The Warfield, Music Photography by Misti Layne
  I admit that I had no idea who or what a G-Eazy is. But I left this show pretty impressed with the guy. This show was a first in my music photography career. No particular reason why just one of those things. It was a fun show and the guy knows how to work the crowd.  
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Single on Valentine’s Day – Enjoy it!
  I am Single on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I said it. Honestly, I think it is another one of those overrated holidays like New Year’s where the pressure to go out and have a great time feels overbearing and if you don’t have a great time (or get engaged) then your life comes to a crashing halt. I say BS! You don’t have to be like Bridget Jones in her pajamas singing “All by Myself” and getting loaded.   What not to do:     See, I haven’t been hit by a lightening bolt by announcing I am single!   Get out of San Francisco and Explore One of the things I enjoyed most when I first moved to San Francisco was taking road trips on holidays. I had no family nearby, so I used these days as a day off from work and an opportunity to discover something new. I picked a direction, packed the camera, maybe a picnic basket (places use to be closed on holidays back in the day), and just drive. It was exciting not knowing what I would find, whom I would meet, or what I would see. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, this […]
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Corporate Photography, People That Make Shit Happen
  I used to work in the corporate field and never imagined one day I’d be doing corporate photography and portraits for these types. Yes, yes, yes I hated sitting in a cubicle! Honestly, one of my biggest motivators to be successful as a photographer is not having my butt sit in a cubicle ever again. I’m more of a ‘throw on a jumpsuit and change the oil of my car’ type. It just wasn’t for me. That being said, I DO enjoy going back and photographing these professionals. I have met some amazing people who are doing amazing things. This is what I love about the San Francisco/Bay Area. Things happen here that make a difference around the world and the corporate types I am photographing are doing it. People are progressive, take chances and fight for what they believe in. They don’t just let life happen to them, they make it happen the way they want it to happen. The days are gone of sitting in front of a gray background and doing a little tilt and turn. Well, not quite gone. Occasionally, they do still happen and again, I’ve met some amazing people doing this style head […]
Dan & Deb’s Destination Wedding in Geyserville, CA
Deb and Dan opted for a destination wedding in the beautiful city of Geyserville, CA. They decided on a winery experience at deLormimier, which proved to be the perfect spot for their big day. The sun was high, the weather was warm, and the vineyards were gloriously lush. deLorimier Vineyards is a beautiful and easy spot for an event like Dan and Deb’s. There are open spaces and intimate nooks that is needed for both the guests to feel comfortable and for me, the photographer, to get the shots I’m looking for.   The Vendors This wedding had a few of my favorite vendors, which puts one at ease when coordinating an event like Deb and Dan’s. It’s hugely important to trust your vendors when it comes to a destination wedding. The bride and groom have to rely on us to make it happen, and happen well. Deb and Dan’s wedding planner, Isabelle Adams, has been a friend for years and is truly amazing at what she does. She is totally hands on and really knew how to work the deLorimier Vineyards venue. Another favorite is Reverend Peader Dalton. It may be his accent, but his passion for officiating weddings […]
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Brian & Marlon’s DIY Wedding at Falkirk Mansion
Marlon and Brian were the best couple in a lot of ways, my favorite being how present and hands on they were on their special day. From the first time we met, I knew I wanted to be a part of their day based on how laid back they were and the ease of our relationship.   An Unplugged Ceremony When I arrived at Marlon and Brian’s wedding and noticed the unplugged ceremony I knew they had listened during our conversation about guests being present and in the moment. It’s my job to take photos. It’s your family’s job to shed a tear or two. That they did.   DIY Wedding This DIY wedding included many unique details that displayed the character of Marlon and Brian and their lives together. The event took place at the Falkirk Mansion in San Rafael. Special items were scattered throughout the venue to make it truly theirs. One detail that stood out were the succulents from a friend who added wood planters with a great logo of their initials for the centerpieces. Brian and Marlon kept their guests entertained with a kind of hide and seek of the gold Buddha game while others enjoyed the […]
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Music Photography and the Psychedelic Furs
  Music and Photography I regret nothing in life, yet one thing is I wish I’d had the smarts to put together earlier in life was my love of music and photography. If I would have married these two passions years ago, I could have been a rockin’ music photographer. But all is not lost!   The Chick in the Pits I love shooting live music. I’ve said it before, musicians and photographers have a lot in common and the relationship between them is just bliss. One perk of being the chick in the pit is that often times musicians will play up to me, which allows me to get the shots that no one else can. It’s in those moments of mutual trust and respect that I love the challenge and hunt to make an image worthy of what I see. Yes, it’s challenging. Most often I get three songs to work my camera and get as many shots as I can before the big and burly security dude kicks me out. The majority of people take longer than three songs to even shower in the morning. That’s how little time I have. Short, but sweet.   The Psychedelic Furs […]
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Real Family Portraits, Let a Kid be a Kid!
  It’s that time of year for the influx of family portraits again. Where, truly, did the year go! Let’s talk real family portraits. Not the starched white top, blue jeans, lined up, back-to-back look that you see in so many. More often times than not, we’ve got Susie who’s very proud of her newfound streaking skills, Johnny “I refuse to sit down”, and Jerry with his “I can’t for the camera” Chandler smile. Sound familiar? Now let’s get into what makes these portraits real.   “Just tell me what to do” Reid Hoffman I deal with all ranges and types of people from the big CEO of Fortune 500 companies to actors needing head shots, but I can say that no one controls a photo session better than a 3 year old! Actors listen and change emotions in a nanosecond and hard-core punk musicians let me do as I please, but a toddler? We are all under their control and total mercy. This is what makes it fun.   Dirt Don’t Hurt Wearing my most durable, “don’t care if they get a hole in them” and darkest pants, I get down as low as I can and get as […]
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A Great Northwest Road Trip ~ Travel Photography ~ by Misti Layne
Every year I take at least one if not more trips usually abroad to gain new perspectives, see different things and experience new places. This year, I oddly decided to stay local for the first time in decades. I took a road trip to the northwest. I’d always wanted to do this but the likes of Turkey, Italy, Egypt, France always seemed to call louder. This was a first and won’t surely be the last road trip I take. I didn’t set out to make any images for National Geographic or the like. The travel photography in this blog were just simply to make me happy. Many were taken while I was driving down the road. I can’t even tell you how many it took to get a straight horizontal horizon! But I got to see the colors of fall that we just don’t get in San Francisco and that was goal #1 on the list. The rest were to drive from sun up to sun down, meet some locals and learn a thing or two. The freedom of not having any plans or times set was wonderful. I drove when I felt like it and stopped when I was […]
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Lots of Laughs at Gloria Ferrer Winery Wedding ~ Sonoma Wedding Photography ~
Lily and Nathaniel know how to laugh and have fun to be sure. I cracked up a lot at this wedding from the funny stories during the vows to the silliness of these two when they are together. Their guests, well, the same goes for them as well! Live, love and laugh seemed to be the motto for this bunch and why I selected so many fun and funny images. Every wedding is unique and I don’t go in with a set list of images in mind. I just go with what happens and quite frankly make stuff up as I go depending on the light, the time, the people or whatever may come. Photographer are trouble shooters more often than not! Gloria Ferrer Winery has always done an amazing job. Their people really take care of everything and keep the flow going and make sure problems just don’t even happen. Some of the other people who made this possible were Anne Appleman and the just really beautiful florals she brought to the table, Ramekins Catering who put some really yummy food in my belly and DJ Jerry Schultz who had guests not just dancing but singing and really, literally […]
Beltane Ranch Wedding | Napa Wedding Photography
I really, really love the small and intimate wedding. It can be in a backyard, a winery or in this case Beltane Ranch in Sonoma wine country. Whatever the location, details like the eclectic items hanging on walls, the horses, the friendly roaming cat, and natural fauna at this Beltane Ranch wedding warm me to the core and feel like home.   The Chuppah This Beltane Ranch chuppah was the most beautiful I have ever seen. It was a collaborative effort of Carol Attia from Under The Chuppah and Spiral Hand Design. They chose to use birch, which has always been a favorite of mine. Even with its modern design, it still fit in with the natural scenery of Beltane. Simply amazing.   Beltane Ranch Wedding – Small and Intimate The guest list for list this wedding was small and kept to 13 people, all from the East Coast. Quite the destination wedding! They dined under the big tree in the yard with food by The Girl and The Fig, one of my absolute favorites, with music by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. When it came time for the hora, the groom surprised everyone by sitting on the shoulders of his best mate instead of the […]
Arista Winery, Goats, Vineyards and Sunsets ~ Sonoma Wedding Photography ~
Arista Winery in Healdsburg is one of my favorite venues. There are so many options and opportunities for a photographer that I come away totally satiated with images. My love is outdoor weddings in a natural, beautiful location. Don’t get me wrong I like doing hotels and the like as well. There is however, something to be said for Mother Nature and all she provides a photographer. Tait and Linsday are just utterly adorable. Funny, charming and just a match in every way. All the bestest to you both! Thank you for having me a part of this special day.  
City Hall Wedding in Grandma’s Dress ~ San Francisco Wedding Photography ~
Chris and Malin decided to marry in 3 days. Yes, 3 days! They were a fun bunch to be sure. I knew instantly her dress was from the past then found out it was her grandma’s actually and she wore it with some awesome boots. This is why I love San Francisco City Hall weddings. No pomp, no circumstance just waiting, queuing and a 4.5 minute ceremony. Then the fun begins.  
Tim Hockenberry Rocks The Throckmorton ~ San Francisco Music Photography ~
Tim Hockenberry is a talented musician I’ve worked with on occasion over probably 10 years now and just a nice guy on top that. He wowed the audience at The Throckmorton with some cover tunes and some great original music and even doing some with his quite talented son! There is something about the simplicity in a performance that I much prefer over an over the top dance and flash show. Seems the more the pomp then less the talent. Not with Tim! Rock on Tim, fellow Michigander! Blog by Misti Layne
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Game Programmers Fun ~ San Francisco Event Photography ~
SteelMedia UK hosts some fun events around San Francisco bring all types of people together in the gaming community. This event was 111 Minna Gallery and had a competition this time along with the talk looking for new games. It’s quite fun to see the excitement people have in their creations!
Chrissy Field Engagement ~ San Francisco Wedding Photographer ~
I really adore my couples. I get the best clients and I believe it is because my website is just simply and honestly me and the right people find me. Tait and Lindsay are just so adorable and just completely fun. I suppose I could have put in the funny outtakes but I’ll keep those laughs to myself! I’m so looking forward to their wedding in a couple of weeks at Arista Winery!
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A Day at Bloomfield Farms ~ San Francisco Photographer ~
I recently took a tour of Bloomfield Farms in Petaluma and this farm girl born now city girl was in a very happy place. It’s an actual working farm with horses, chickens, goats, gardens and a barn. It’s a place full of nature, beauty, animals and a lot of fresh air. It’s easy to imagine a wedding there with a number of different options possible. So many surprises around every corner and just a pleasant place to be. Thanks for the tour and I shall be back–with a bag of carrots this time!
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Harvey Milk Gets a Stamp ~ San Francisco Event Photography ~
A celebration at the beautiful San Francisco City Hall to celebrate the new Harvey Milk stamp was a great success and appreciated by many. The event was hosted by San Francisco and the mayor and all those who helped get the stamp made attended. A celebration was held in the gallery next door and hosted by EQ/CA. Harvey’s nephew was there to celebrate him and the stamp and people of all walks came to celebrate. The San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir was just amazing to hear in the rotunda. A great day!
Chilling in Saint Thomas Virgin Islands
Ok, nothing really special about these images but for the few days of rest and relaxation in Saint Thomas and Saint John recently. I ran into a lot of the lizard species and including one that seemingly wanted to come home with me!
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The Amazing Rodriguez at Warfield ~ San Francisco Music Photographer ~ Misti Layne
I missed Rodriguez when he played The Warfield last year so was really happy to be able to go this time. I have to admit I only heard about him from the film “Searching for Sugarman”. I loved the movie and just the man it showcased. His music is amazing and I think he is someone that easy to respect heart and soul AND talent. Thanks for the show!
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Atomic Bomb + David Byrne at Warfield ~ San Francisco Music Photography ~
I have always adored David Byrne. I think his music is just the kind that gets in your head and stays there for a long time AND it’s ok. You don’t mind. Seeing him at The Warfield in Atomic Band to honor William Onyeabor was far different from what I know him doing in the past with Talking Heads. But it was great to see him and hear some great musicians get together and rock a full house.
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Emmylou Harris at The Warfield ~ San Francisco Music Photographer ~
I can’t say that I was a fan of Emmylou Harris but I appreciate any musician who follows their heart and never stops. Emmylou played to a full house and those there were obviously long time fans and very thrilled with her performance. It was heart warming to see her kind of blush and be embarrassed by the applause after her first song. Blog by Misti Layne
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It’s Arrived!
My new web site that is! I am so pleased to finally have this up and running. As most people know, this is not an overnight process. What fewer know is this is a life long process from experience to the past images to those that have yet to be created. So please know I appreciate every moment you spend here! Thank you and thanks to all for letting me to what it is I must–photography. Blog by Misti Layne