Why It’s Badass to Get Online Dating Profile Photos by Sarah Jones
Written by Sarah Jones, Founder of Introverted Alpha   Stigma Be Gone! You know what I’m happy about? That the stigma around online dating is lifting. Thank goodness! It’s only right, and it’s high time. Online is simply one venue through which singles can meet other singles. It’s really convenient and helpful on many levels: you can see at a glance what someone’s major political and philosophical views are, as well as get a sense of them without being on the spot. Of course, meeting people in person is great too! At Introverted Alpha, many of the men I work with are more introverted and don’t prefer loud parties. Instead, they opt for a combination of online and offline dating: hobbies / meeting people through friends in order to fill their calendar with a nice amount of dates. Along with the dissipating stigma of online dating is a dissipating stigma of getting online dating profile photos done. Again – thank goodness!   When it comes to online dating success, profile photos are first and foremost. Everyone looks at them first and closely, and there’s no problem with that. Looking at someone’s profile photo is not only about sizing up how […]
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Corporate Head Shots Are More Than Just A Static Image
  by Bill Tancer, General Manager of Global Research Experian Marketing Services   The Importance of Visual Image During my days of practicing trial law, I dabbled in the pop psychology of neuro-linguistics. The thinking was that to effectively communicate with a jury I would have an advantage if I could identify if a juror processed information visually, emotionally or through sound. While I can’t remember all of the specifics of the practice I do remember that I identified as being primarily visual in the ways that I process information, and that I was in the majority. Throughout my later career as a writer, analyst and speaker, I can’t underestimate the importance of visual image. When analyzing large amounts of data I tend to use data visualization tools to find pattern and outliers. I met Misti back in 2003 when I was conducting research for my employer on how to effectively market to small business owners. I was immediately struck by Misti’s passion for her trade, so much so, that she served as an inspiration for me to develop my own love of capturing images, which I now practice as a street photographer. Knowing Misti over a decade, she has […]
How Do I Choose a Wedding Photographer?: Notes From Your Planner
  by Kay Raymond of Blissful2Be Events   As a planner I am often asked two very important questions: How important is is to hire a professional photographer? and How do I choose a wedding photographer? I always answer the same way, “You don’t want to take your own wedding photos. You want a professional!” These are the pieces of your special day that will last a lifetime and as a planner, I need to work with someone who understands all the small details that take place during a wedding.   A Great Wedding Photographer Should Be At The Top Of Your List Working with a professional photographer is always at the top of my list after booking a venue. The photographer is my right hand. They catch all the small details that I may not: the couple seeing each other for the first time, a dad giving his blessing, and the quiet moments with grandparents. These are the moments that live long past your wedding day and moments you may not remember as the day seems to fly by. Most planners will start the conversation with your photographer long before the day of the event, going over how the ceremony […]
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How to become a Music Photographer: 5 Tricks of the Trade
  “Youth is wasted on the young.” I’ve said this time and time again, music and photography are the perfect match for each other. If I’d put them together sooner, I could have been a female, less crazy Jim Marshall. Giving it some more thought, doing rock photography probably would have made me just as crazy. But the stories I could tell!   Older and Wiser, Regardless We’re All a Little Insecure So now, here I am, older and wiser and getting to enjoy the benefits of that. I know that when I was young I was very insecure and would have always thought I am not good enough to do that. Oh wait, I still feel that way sometimes! But I know now with years of photography experience and personal growth that the two have come together in my life when I was ready. Life is about the journey and had I attempted this earlier I’d have crashed and burned. Of that, I am sure. My message here in this post is, if you want to become a music photographer, try to forget your insecurities and strive for the experience. If music and photography are your passions, put them […]
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The Unplugged Wedding: Check your devices at the door!
  The Digital Age Things sure have changed since my first wedding about 14 years ago. I’ve seen trends come and go and the biggest one in photography is by far the digital age. The first weddings I shot were with film, a tool I still utilize today. Now I laugh thinking about all the times I was asked “Why don’t you go digital? How do you know you got the shot?” I’m a professional. I make a living off of getting the shots. I admit, my first wedding was just a fluke and I never really thought I’d be a wedding photographer. Luckily, fate found me. I’ve worked hard to build my portfolio, reputation and skills over all these years and can finally say, “Yes, I’m a professional photographer and know that I’m worthy of that title.”   Avoid the Point-and-Shoot As time goes on, I see more and more wedding guests with expensive digital cameras and point-and-shoots, specifically iPhones and iPads. I can’t count the number of times my shot was ruined because someone stepped in with an iPad or their mobile out in the aisle or the times a red dot appears or the flash from someone else […]
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