Best Friends Animal Society -Strut Your Mutt San Francisco
Anyone who knows me knows that I love animals and do I all I can in writing petitions, volunteering or pet sitting. (Still waiting for someone to say “babysit my pig”). Last spring I took a road trip and actually volunteered at Best Friends Animal Society. It was amazing and fun and hard and beautiful and memorable and awesome. Recently, it was Strut Your Mutt, San Francisco and yes, people did strut too! Once again, I volunteered for Best Friends but for their Strut Your Mutt event. How do you not? Photos, San Francisco, dogs, dog lovers, walking, food AND raising money to “Save Them All” and a lot of local rescues as well. It was a hot day oddly enough and trying to track and photograph dogs that have a LOT to take in was not easy but I had a great time. I will say my cats were not happy with me on my return home though. I did not smell good at least on their terms. I was quickly forgiven though! If you can, if you have the time, if you have the desire, please help your local rescues with your time or cash. There are a […]
Best Friends Animal Society – Cat World
I’m just going to say it. I saved the best for last. Best Friends Animal Society CAT WORLD. Yes, I have cats. I’d have more animals like a dog and a goat if my apartment and San Francisco allowed me to but, I have just two delightful, rescued cats. This was the largest group of volunteers I encountered by far. Bunny House was just me, Dogworld and Horse Haven were three. There were about eight this time. We watched a video and were then told about the different cat houses we could see. Sure, it was tempting to see kittens and the yungins but I knew immediately what group was probably best for my goal – documenting and sharing this experience in hopes more people will volunteer. I spoke up immediately in case anyone else wanted it and was assured I had chosen well. I chose the special care cats at Quincy House. Our host was pleased too with my choice. I walked in and it was by far the craziest scene even with rabbits in dining rooms and hallways at Bunny House with cats rambling about, people milling and working and cat “stuff” just everywhere including the middle of […]
Best Friends Animal Society – Horse Haven
Best Friends Animal Society Horse Haven was stop two on my schedule. I completely anticipated scooping manure when I had my time at Horse Haven but what I did not expect is just how beautiful and educational it would turn out to  be. Ron was there waiting for us and just as nice as could be in his cowboy hat. It was a great morning at Dogworld and the afternoon at Horse Haven was a great finish. We hopped into the car (I know it has a name but it escapes me now) and left the main stable area to go to the other areas. First stop was to check out three mares in a massive area. It was just breathtaking to see the natural beauty and how the pasture blended perfectly with the surroundings. Ron told us about the horses characters and we took either a rake or brushes. Curly Sue came right up to me so I started to give her a brushing. Nope, it was ok for a while but what she really wanted was to just have a pet and a scratch. Ron was right, they were just sweet and friendly girls. However, there was a beautiful […]
Best Friends Animal Society – Bunny House
Another stop at Best Friends Animal Society Bunny House. Surprisingly, I would say this is where I worked the hardest. You don’t think a rabbit would need much, want much or use much but they do! Michelle showed me how to clean the pens and then it was my job to go down the row. They do this EVERY SINGLE DAY. The rabbits have indoor and outdoor access. Each pen, I was only in one building and there are more, took about 10 minutes to clean out, sweep, wash and replace linens, toys, bowls and litter boxes. Some rabbits were friendly and almost wanted to join in and others shot outside not wanting any part of it. It was, to me, an astounding amount of things needed for them from fresh water to linens and hay and toys. This is only a small part of what happens here. There are numerous people who help at the Bunny House. There are full time and part time employees, seasonal volunteers and then random volunteers like me. Many of these rabbits came from hoarding situations and some have special needs and each rabbit gets the care they need. Michelle was very adamant too […]
Best Friends Animal Society Dogtown, a Sleepover and Raffle
I love road trips. You pack up your car and keep the agenda to a minimum and just go. I’ve wanted to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society for a long time. I’ve known of them for years and have been a supporter. But, it finally just worked out that a road trip was doable and time at Best Friends finally in the calendar. Best Friends Animal Society Dogtown provides amazing homes for a wide variety of animals who are available for adoption and if not, will always have a home. They became better known when they took in the “Vic Dogs” and the TV show called Dogtown put them in the spotlight. They are a no-kill shelter providing homes for cats and dogs to pigs, goats and horses and feathered creatures too. Most of my friends would say I am a “cat person”. But this is solely because, well, I have two cats. I just don’t have the means to provide the right home to a dog living in a small apartment in San Francisco AND I like big, sloppy, hairy dogs. I registered for four different areas and Dogtown was stop one. I KNEW I’d have “sleepovers” so made […]