Oakville Sessions – Gargiulo Vineyards
What makes a perfect day? I would suggest it is Oakville Sessions at Gargiulo Vineyards and the amazing talent they have. Of course we can add the view, the food, the wine and the sunshine in the amazing Napa Valley. Look at this talent! I had a wonderful time and even better, I got to photograph it! List of talent…Alex “Rockwell” Jacobs, Anna Wilson, Banjo Dan, Billy Dean & Friends, Brian Collins, Cecil Ramirez, Dan Berg, Dan Wilkinson, Dan Zepponi, Daniel Dey Los Reyes, David Duncan, David Pack, James Otto, Jeff Gargiulo, Jeff Larson, Joe Shotwell, Kelly James, Michael Lington, Mony Powel, Paul Hoffman, Shane Soldinger, Silverado Pickups, Tres Goetting, Wolfe Wein! Whew! Some were local people who play in bands, some travel the world as musicians in major bands or their own tours. One thing everyone there had in common? The love of music.  
Joe Bonamassa – The Warfield, San Francisco
Joe Bonamassa rocks The Warfield Joe Bonamassa guitar virtuoso at The Warfield, San Francisco  
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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark at Regency Ballroom
Finally, I had the opportunity in my life to see Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, more popularly known as OMD. They were simply amazing. The Regency Ballroom was packed and it cannot be denied the band loved them as much as the audience loved the band. It was truly just a fantastic show. It is opportunities like this that just feed my soul,
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The Psychedelic Furs at The Fillmore
Always, always, always a great show. Seeing The Psychedelic Furs and photographing them at The Fillmore is just about as cool as it gets.
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Live Music Photography: Just a few of my favorites
I’ve not photographed any live music shows lately and am feeling a bit blue about that. So, just a bit of bringing back the past for my own sake to get excited for some shows coming up. Inspiration usually comes from other sources than myself but this time, it’s me! I think I have the hair flip down. So here are some images from Social Hall SF, The Warfield and The Regency that are just a few of my favorite live music photography images.    
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I’m now an Alice Cooper Fan!
No blogging. Alice Cooper just needs to be seen and heard!
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The Icarus Line plays Social Hall SF
The Icarus Line was new to me as was my first gig at The Social Hall. I’ve been to The Regency Ballroom more times than I can count but The Social Hall is new and well, I just hadn’t been! I had visions of Iggy Pop almost immediately but The Icarus Line can hold their own. Opening for Scott Weiland has to be some pressure and this band started the show well. Their energy was not to be missed.
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Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts at Social Hall
Update December 3rd: It’s a sad day. May you find peace Scott Weiland and the best to your friends and family. It was great to see you one last time and photograph you seeing you do what you do best. I’ve seen Scott Weiland in some band or another numerous times. Personal story–he bought my friends house in Los Angeles years ago. Music story-the guy just rocks. Scott and The Wildabouts plays San Francisco’s The Social Hall with opening band The Icarus Line. It’s a smaller venue but Scott played it just like it was any other. The last time I saw him was with Velvet Revolver at The Warfield. He had just as much energy for this show but the one big difference was how he could really interact and play to the audience. Someone got some really amazing video on their mobile with Scot about 2.5 away. This would be why I love smaller venues. It’s up close and personal.
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Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe at HopMonk Novato
  KC Turner Presents KC Turner has been a music promoter for years in the San Francisco Bay Area and is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about what he does. I can’t imagine that he sits still for very long at all. He produces a number of shows at venues around San Francisco like the Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, his House Concert series, and then venues like HopMonk, which is where this introduction is going!   Tim Flannery, Megan Slankard, & The Love Harder Project I had the pleasure of photographing Tim Flannery, who is a real musician in his own right, but perhaps known better to some as the 3rd base coach for the San Francisco Giants (2007-2014) who helped guide them to win 3 World Series in just 5 years! Yes, that Tim Flannery. The show this crew put on was great right from the start with the very talented opener, Megan Slankard, who just recently played at the Great American Music Hall where the #BoobProject was promoted.   I don’t follow sports (I know, I know), so when I caught Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe at HopMonk Novato for KC Turner presents I […]
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Erykah Badu Serenades The Warfield in San Francisco
I am definitely more of the rocker, punk rock girl. Always have been. However, I like country and Motown and actually a lot of other genres. Admittedly, while I know her name, I do not know Erykah Badu‘s music. The crowd at The Warfield were obviously just enthralled with being in her presence and hearing her music. I walked away completely smitten after her show. Her presence first of all was just breath taking. From the hat to the jewels on her fingers and I wonder her toes as there was so much. But, she wore it all seamlessly. She was strong, committed and just soulful to the bone.
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Echo and the Bunnymen at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz
I’ve been a fan of Echo and the Bunnymen since it started. Why then did I forget to post images from over a month ago? I don’t know! They played The Catalyst Club which is a great venue–albeit hot towards the end of a gig! I stupidly missed the steps when I walked in and fell on my hip and elbow but did save the camera! Of course the crew laughed at me and I totally joined in on that. I’m not afraid of self deprecating humor. There was no pit but the guys gave me good access to places and the stairs were a good vantage point. Fortunately I wasn’t damaged mentally from my fall and climbed back up the proverbial horse. I still love this band as much as I did then. They had a great show. Ian’s voice is still strong.  Will Sargent didn’t miss a beat. The whole band was strong and did all the favorites of course.  
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Social Distortion at Fox Oakland Theater ~ Music Photography Misti Layne ~
Photographing live music is a curse and a blessing. If I’m shooting, I’m not really listening. If I’m listening, I’m wishing I was shooting. Catch 22 of music photography any way I look at it! But the good thing is I usually only get the first 3 songs to photograph and then I can put everything away and really listen. Simple fact is for anyone, if you are photographing something you are not really in the moment. Your brain can’t handle it. Science! When I saw Social Distortion at The Fox Oakland Theater I think it was the 4th time. No, 5th. Well, maybe 6th. I don’t really know. One of the few bands that I’ve seen numerous times to be sure. I din’t have permission to photograph in the pit but it didn’t stop me from taking something a little bit better than my mobile. While the images are limited and from one viewpoint–trying not to be in the mosh pit–my memories and ears are filled with the sound. Awesome job Social Distortion…shall see you again!
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Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox – Music Photography by Misti Layne
  Ok, shame on me as I should have posted this over a month ago. Scott Bradlee brought his Postmodern Jukebox tour to The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco and the talent truly blew me away. The house was packed and his team was amazing. It was new to me as well to be inches away from a tap dancer and watching her feet that close gave me a complete new perspective and admiration to the likes of Gene Kelly, Gregory Hines and Ann Miller not to mention dozens of others.  
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Peter Murphy at DNA Lounge ~ San Francisco Music Photographer ~ Misti Layne
I could totally age myself with this one but I’ve been listening to Peter Murphy since the Bauhaus days and was really looking forward to seeing him at DNA Lounge. I was there of course camera ready but I went in knowing I was going to do more listening that photographing and I didn’t care. You don’t just watch Peter Murphy, you listen and feel Peter Murphy. So this night I kind of failed as a music photographer but I succeeded as fan! In Letter Form opened and it was my first time seeing them. Perfect fit and well, I failed again because I chose to listen. What can I say?
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Falling in Reverse & Ghost Town, Regency Ballroom ~ Metal Music Photography Misti Layne
My tastes in music vary a great deal. I can sing along with “buying drinks for everybody but the pilot” (Dierks Bentley if you somehow happen to not know and he’s ridiculously sexy) just as well as I can sing along with Trent Reznor, Peter Murphy, Dusty Springfield or Neil Diamond. Yea, don’t judge me, Neil rocks! Watch this video and tell me differently Solitary Man  So Falling in Reverse and Ghost Town were awesome. I opened my camera bag the next morning to discover it full of confetti. Gotta love that. Falling in Reverse was really amazing. I had a hard time keeping up frankly with them moving so much and so quickly. BUT I do love all of the guys passion for what they love. “Solitary Man” is stuck in your head now isn’t it? Told you so.
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Tori Kelly & Gavin James at Regency Ballroom ~ San Francisco Music Photographer
As a house photographer for GoldenVoice I never know who I will see. So I was really pleasantly surprised by Gavin James and Tori Kelly. The Regency Ballroom show was sold out and the poor people in front were totally crushed! But they really, seemingly didn’t care at all.      
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Nightwish, Sabaton & Delain at The Warfield ~ Live Music Photography Misti Layne ~
It was one of those crazy days where things or I should just simply say “I” was a bit discombobulated. I show up at The Regency Ballroom to photograph Nightwish, Sabaton and Delain only to realize OOPS they are at The Warfield! Fortunately, they are fairly close and fortunately I know how to work parking in San Francisco and so made it with minutes to spare but WAIT! Start time was not 8 but moved to 7.30 and Delain are on the last song. Ohh crap! All was not lost, however, when the lovely people of The Warfield know and understand my plight especially when they know I’m shooting for Goldenvoice and say “shoot, shoot, shoot!” and I got at least a few of Delain. Whew! Next stop “the pit” with some time to spare. I don’t do a lot of research on bands I don’t know before photographing them. I like being surprised and coming in with a clean perspective. I don’t know why in this world of everybody googling everything but I like surprises I guess. So with no expectations I go to the pit for Sabaton and walk out laughing my ass off–in a good way. Thobbe Englund and Chris […]
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Sixx:A.M. crushes The Regency ~ Live Music Photography Misti Layne ~
I’ll photograph any type of music. Don’t care. I just want to be there. So I was in for a great surprise when I saw Vamps, Apocalyptica and Sixx:A.M. at The Regency Ballroom. “Holy shit” was all I could think when I walked away. For whatever reason these bands were just not on my radar so I had no idea what I was going to see beyond Nikki Sixx. Yep, tis sadly true. But that night I saw the sexiest thing ever with a long haired, tatted Viking looking guy playing a cello while shirtless and in a kilt and Doc Martens. Never would have thunk I’d say that let alone see that but Apocalyptica just amazed me. Then there “it” was. The passion that I just so love seeing in live music by people who are just doing what they love to do and with every ounce of their being. Sixx:A.M. was just amazing. Pure and simple. The passion, joy, love and pure exuberance standing on that stage was just beautiful to see. The talent, of course, a given. But I swear James Michael NEVER stopped smiling. I didn’t have a pit pass for this one as I think they had […]
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Decibel Magazine hosts Heavy Metal Bands – Live Music Photography
I try to be an honest person. So here goes a bit of honesty. Heavy Metal bands and music are not my thing. But I have a great time photographing them.  Yes, the hair flies, yes, the music is loud and yes, I can’t understand a word. But this was my first time seeing At The Gates, Converge, Pallbearer, Vallenfyre and Special Guests Cormorant and I had a great time. Check out Decibel Magazine for more images.
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Gang of Four at The Independent – Live Music Photography
When I saw that Gang of Four was coming to The Independent in San Francisco, I was all over getting tickets to the show. I’m a total product of this music but never got to really see live music in Michigan. Now, when I see someone from my “past” is in town, I’m just thrilled. Gang of Four did not disappoint and so glad I get to add them to my “Seen ’em” list.  
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The Broods rock The Regency, music photography by Misti Layne
Pretty sure I don’t need to say it again but I love live music and doing music photography! Recently caught the Broods and opening act Mikky Ekko at The Regency and I have to say I didn’t know what a Mikky Ekko was but he has a new fan.
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G-Eazy rocks The Warfield, Music Photography by Misti Layne
  I admit that I had no idea who or what a G-Eazy is. But I left this show pretty impressed with the guy. This show was a first in my music photography career. No particular reason why just one of those things. It was a fun show and the guy knows how to work the crowd.  
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How to become a Music Photographer: 5 Tricks of the Trade
  “Youth is wasted on the young.” I’ve said this time and time again, music and photography are the perfect match for each other. If I’d put them together sooner, I could have been a female, less crazy Jim Marshall. Giving it some more thought, doing rock photography probably would have made me just as crazy. But the stories I could tell!   Older and Wiser, Regardless We’re All a Little Insecure So now, here I am, older and wiser and getting to enjoy the benefits of that. I know that when I was young I was very insecure and would have always thought I am not good enough to do that. Oh wait, I still feel that way sometimes! But I know now with years of photography experience and personal growth that the two have come together in my life when I was ready. Life is about the journey and had I attempted this earlier I’d have crashed and burned. Of that, I am sure. My message here in this post is, if you want to become a music photographer, try to forget your insecurities and strive for the experience. If music and photography are your passions, put them […]
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Music Photography and the Psychedelic Furs
  Music and Photography I regret nothing in life, yet one thing is I wish I’d had the smarts to put together earlier in life was my love of music and photography. If I would have married these two passions years ago, I could have been a rockin’ music photographer. But all is not lost!   The Chick in the Pits I love shooting live music. I’ve said it before, musicians and photographers have a lot in common and the relationship between them is just bliss. One perk of being the chick in the pit is that often times musicians will play up to me, which allows me to get the shots that no one else can. It’s in those moments of mutual trust and respect that I love the challenge and hunt to make an image worthy of what I see. Yes, it’s challenging. Most often I get three songs to work my camera and get as many shots as I can before the big and burly security dude kicks me out. The majority of people take longer than three songs to even shower in the morning. That’s how little time I have. Short, but sweet.   The Psychedelic Furs […]
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A Great Northwest Road Trip ~ Travel Photography ~ by Misti Layne
Every year I take at least one if not more trips usually abroad to gain new perspectives, see different things and experience new places. This year, I oddly decided to stay local for the first time in decades. I took a road trip to the northwest. I’d always wanted to do this but the likes of Turkey, Italy, Egypt, France always seemed to call louder. This was a first and won’t surely be the last road trip I take. I didn’t set out to make any images for National Geographic or the like. The travel photography in this blog were just simply to make me happy. Many were taken while I was driving down the road. I can’t even tell you how many it took to get a straight horizontal horizon! But I got to see the colors of fall that we just don’t get in San Francisco and that was goal #1 on the list. The rest were to drive from sun up to sun down, meet some locals and learn a thing or two. The freedom of not having any plans or times set was wonderful. I drove when I felt like it and stopped when I was […]
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Tim Hockenberry Rocks The Throckmorton ~ San Francisco Music Photography ~
Tim Hockenberry is a talented musician I’ve worked with on occasion over probably 10 years now and just a nice guy on top that. He wowed the audience at The Throckmorton with some cover tunes and some great original music and even doing some with his quite talented son! There is something about the simplicity in a performance that I much prefer over an over the top dance and flash show. Seems the more the pomp then less the talent. Not with Tim! Rock on Tim, fellow Michigander! Blog by Misti Layne
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The Amazing Rodriguez at Warfield ~ San Francisco Music Photographer ~ Misti Layne
I missed Rodriguez when he played The Warfield last year so was really happy to be able to go this time. I have to admit I only heard about him from the film “Searching for Sugarman”. I loved the movie and just the man it showcased. His music is amazing and I think he is someone that easy to respect heart and soul AND talent. Thanks for the show!
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Atomic Bomb + David Byrne at Warfield ~ San Francisco Music Photography ~
I have always adored David Byrne. I think his music is just the kind that gets in your head and stays there for a long time AND it’s ok. You don’t mind. Seeing him at The Warfield in Atomic Band to honor William Onyeabor was far different from what I know him doing in the past with Talking Heads. But it was great to see him and hear some great musicians get together and rock a full house.
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Emmylou Harris at The Warfield ~ San Francisco Music Photographer ~
I can’t say that I was a fan of Emmylou Harris but I appreciate any musician who follows their heart and never stops. Emmylou played to a full house and those there were obviously long time fans and very thrilled with her performance. It was heart warming to see her kind of blush and be embarrassed by the applause after her first song. Blog by Misti Layne
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It’s Arrived!
My new web site that is! I am so pleased to finally have this up and running. As most people know, this is not an overnight process. What fewer know is this is a life long process from experience to the past images to those that have yet to be created. So please know I appreciate every moment you spend here! Thank you and thanks to all for letting me to what it is I must–photography. Blog by Misti Layne