Travel Photography of Russia + Baltics
May was a crazy, crazy month! Alas, why I have not posted in eons. With the travel, work, preparations and just general life, I got way behind. It started with a wedding in Bali (the very next blog to be sure) and a week later on a plane to Lithuania. This trip was planned way back last year and the Bali wedding was just a last minute thing. It was crazy awesome! From sweating on a black sand beach at an amazing resort to experiencing White Nights for the first time. I love to travel and well, you can imagine travel photography is part of the routine. My trip started in Vilnius, Lithuania then to Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia, St Petersburg, Russia and lastly Moscow. It was awesome! As a history buff, it was incredible to be in central locations to the story of WWII, communism, KGB, Jews and Nazi’s and the incredibly long history of this area. Every place was beautiful, safe, riddled in history and a photograph to be made. First, the countries are very easy to travel, the people truly helpful and delightful and as a very minimum I learn thank you in every language for […]
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Visiting Dominican Republic + International Surgical Foundation
A recent trip to Dominican Republic in support of the International Surgical Foundation. This trip was short, purposeful and enlightening. The ISF is a team of people trying to help those in need in Dominican Republic who have mostly scoliosis or other back related problems. The goal was to see the average day in the life of a Dominican and specifically that of the girl who inspired it. This is an abbreviated story of lifestyle documentary photography as I saw it and lived it. It was simply a weekend to try and cram as much in as possible. I met with one of my oldest friends in Miami who is on the board of ISF (Her brother is the founder) and it was great to catch up. We arrived in DR and the goal was to show daily life of Dominicans, the hospital and a bit of what it is like to have severe scoliosis. Our “Day in the Life” didn’t go exactly as planned because well, customs. We were guests and as such we treated with food and drinks and everyone dressed in their Sunday best or Friday night dancing clothes. Even with that, you can’t help but feel […]
Feeding my heart and soul ~ Humane Farming, Documentary Photography
There are times, once your passion has become your business, that you have to go back to your roots. Doing a personal assignment can fill up your creative soul again when you lose touch. So, being a farm girl way back in the day, I chose to do some documentary photography at a working, humane farm in Nicasio called Devil’s Gulch. I spent the day just roaming about. Learning about the rabbits, watching the pigs and piglets and stumbling into the Silky chickens in the most random of places. I was utterly exhausted at the end of this day. I was up before the sun, which those that know me know this is way out of character. I chose this as a self assignment to nurture my soul. It is a working farm and vineyard and I happily say a humane and organic farm. Silky chickens roamed free and laid eggs in the most random of places. Sows and their piglets rested in spaces filled with straw and an open door to the outside or heat lamps when they wanted to sleep. Rabbits that one day would be on the tables of diners at French Laundry were named and loved […]
A Great Northwest Road Trip ~ Travel Photography ~ by Misti Layne
Every year I take at least one if not more trips usually abroad to gain new perspectives, see different things and experience new places. This year, I oddly decided to stay local for the first time in decades. I took a road trip to the northwest. I’d always wanted to do this but the likes of Turkey, Italy, Egypt, France always seemed to call louder. This was a first and won’t surely be the last road trip I take. I didn’t set out to make any images for National Geographic or the like. The travel photography in this blog were just simply to make me happy. Many were taken while I was driving down the road. I can’t even tell you how many it took to get a straight horizontal horizon! But I got to see the colors of fall that we just don’t get in San Francisco and that was goal #1 on the list. The rest were to drive from sun up to sun down, meet some locals and learn a thing or two. The freedom of not having any plans or times set was wonderful. I drove when I felt like it and stopped when I was […]
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A Day at Bloomfield Farms ~ San Francisco Photographer ~
I recently took a tour of Bloomfield Farms in Petaluma and this farm girl born now city girl was in a very happy place. It’s an actual working farm with horses, chickens, goats, gardens and a barn. It’s a place full of nature, beauty, animals and a lot of fresh air. It’s easy to imagine a wedding there with a number of different options possible. So many surprises around every corner and just a pleasant place to be. Thanks for the tour and I shall be back–with a bag of carrots this time!
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Chilling in Saint Thomas Virgin Islands
Ok, nothing really special about these images but for the few days of rest and relaxation in Saint Thomas and Saint John recently. I ran into a lot of the lizard species and including one that seemingly wanted to come home with me!
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