Surprise proposal when Guadalajara comes to San Francisco!
This surprise proposal had been in the works for months. Juan first reached out to me in the summer for his date in November. Quite the planner right? Meticulous, detailed and so romantically thoughtful, it was indeed splendid. The idea for me was to photograph them around downtown and near the Loews Hotel where the proposal would take place. Just a nice gesture on his part as they never have good photographs of themselves taken. So, sure, I can do that. No acting involved this time just the hopes I keep my mouth shut and don’t say the wrong thing! So he surprised her with me just outside the hotel and we walked a bit and stopped in random places to take photographs. Spending this time with them was just so fun. They are both from Guadalajara but met thousands of miles away in Valencia while going to school. What are the odds? I mean seriously! You are from the same home town but randomly meet there. Of course that is just a sign that they are connected way beyond the usual. They were so easy going and so open to do crazy things like dance in the middle of […]
She said yes but knew it was coming…
What, you are going to propose and want proposal photography? Oh yes, please! I love these scenarios and the planning and the secretiveness and the working to get it all just right. Well, this one was perfect BUT he told her to get a manicure and he was busted at that very moment. She still played it cool though! She was obviously very happy as the images will show and enjoyed the San Francisco portrait experience, ahem, till things were put in place and voila!!! This couple was in town from the mid-West on vacation. He had the plan in place for some portraits at the iconic Palace of Fine Arts. It went perfectly with friends setting things up behind the scenes. The one hitch was battery operated candles versus fire because anyone who has been under the rotunda knows it is a massive wind storm. Alas, she said she did know it was coming but the smile on her face from the moment she walked under the rotunda and saw him through to the end, still said it all. Congrats!!! Hey, have camera will totally fly in for the wedding!  
Tuesday Photo Challenge – Balloons
International Surgical Foundation (ISF) volunteers at Dario Contreras Hospital in Dominican Republic. Photographed 2016.
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The Holidays are coming! Let’s do those Family Portraits!
Family Portraits for gifts I know the summer has just ended, so talking about the holidays that will come sooner than later seems crazy. However, the likes of Walgreen’s or CVS is reminding us as well! This actually is the time to start thinking and acting on taking family portraits. If you are interested in sending them as cards, then the time to do decide the location and set a date is now. But, if your plan is to use them in a card then this allows for setting a date, choosing the location, reviewing and selecting and then doing the selecting and sending for the card to get out in time. Now, if your plan is for gifts, then you have a bit more time. The Choices for Family Portraits Now that you have decided to do them, the next thing is to set a date and location. I know this time of year starts to get crazy for everyone but if you can spare 45 minutes to an hour, you will have a number of images to choose from. The images included in this post are just a small sample of what we got in one hour. These […]
Montana fields, snow covered trees and the family photographer
There is family photographer and then there is literally, family photographer. When my cousin Justin first told me he and Tamara were expecting he didn’t hesitate to ask about doing photography. As well, I didn’t hesitate to say of course I will come to Montana to photograph the family! Visions of snow, mountains, lakes, fields and big open skies flashed into my head. So, yes, I’m officially the family family photographer. I totally love photographing in the Bay Area. Who wouldn’t? Five minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Marin Headlands and on and on. I love the light, the sky, the view, the beaches. Give me the opportunity for something new and I’m all about it. I have to say first that the simplicity of movement was the best. Seeing an open field, opposite the setting sun and a big blue sky and saying “Pull over, pull over” and you actually can was just awesome. Seeing road, mountain, sky and taking the first exit where there was no traffic to get the vision I had is priceless. Then, most thankfully, you have to appreciate the instant trust and intimacy you can get with family (or building it quickly […]
Surprise proposal now Bali Destination Wedding
Destination wedding? Yes, please! Sam contacted me about a month before his plan to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal. The venue changed, the dates changed, the times changed BUT his intent sure did not. The final venue? Castello di Amorosa in the deep heart of Napa. The weather was iffy but most friends know I love rainy and moody weather so I was in a very happy place. Long story short…She said yes! One of the greatest things about what I do is that you can really hit it off with clients. Truly, I was selected at random and this couple were just awesome. The rain, the dark clouds, my silly requests were all met with “OK, sure!”. When Sam said they were to be married in Bali I didn’t hesitate to say “Need a photographer?”. Yes, crazy and impulsive but if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  So now this local for me proposal, will be a destination wedding and I simply cannot wait. I spent a great morning with this couple and their friends secretively planning the right spot, randomly taking photographs and wine tasting! I look forward to a long weekend in Bali, a place I’ve always wanted to go […]
My cat Tessa, her severe allergies and Atopica
This is a very personal post in hopes that telling my story may save a few lives and no one has to go through what I recently did. It hurts to write this, but I know that another day means another beloved pet may suffer and I don’t want anyone to experience what I have. My heart is broken. This is my story of Tessa and her allergies and what happened with Atopica. A little history first. It was 8 years ago and I had recently lost my cat, Monster. It was dead of winter in Michigan when my father called me to say a very nice cat had wondered onto the farm and I should take her. “She looks like a cheetah”, was my only description. “She talks a lot”, he explained, watching her walk up the long driveway and into his live trap. No food, just curiosity took her there. That action actually saved her life. I said I would get back to him and after 20 minutes, I knew that she needed a home and had literally walked into my life just when I had the home for her. It was one of those things where you say yes and don’t overthink […]
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First Comes Engagement Photos, Then Comes The Wedding
  Engagement photos provide many things, but I wanted to take the time to point out some of the main reasons why they are an incredibly important piece to your wedding process.   Most often when I talk to couples about their wedding they are very excited, but when the conversation turns to engagement photos, not so much. I love engagement photos and to be fair, totally push them. My reasons are honest and with the couple’s best interest in mind. I include them first in pretty much every wedding package option because I really believe in them. I don’t even think it should be an option NOT to have them.   Now for the details on why – keep scrolling!     #1 The Meet & Greet   The engagement session in the images of this post was the first time I met Laura and Ryan. We chatted over the phone and decided we were a match. Great! After our shoot, they invited me to cocktails; my kind of people! Sadly, I had to decline as I was dressed to lie down in dirt and grass, as well as having another appointment, but loved the offer! Asking me out meant that they trusted me, liked me, […]
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The Broods rock The Regency, music photography by Misti Layne
Pretty sure I don’t need to say it again but I love live music and doing music photography! Recently caught the Broods and opening act Mikky Ekko at The Regency and I have to say I didn’t know what a Mikky Ekko was but he has a new fan.
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Single on Valentine’s Day – Enjoy it!
  I am Single on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I said it. Honestly, I think it is another one of those overrated holidays like New Year’s where the pressure to go out and have a great time feels overbearing and if you don’t have a great time (or get engaged) then your life comes to a crashing halt. I say BS! You don’t have to be like Bridget Jones in her pajamas singing “All by Myself” and getting loaded.   What not to do:     See, I haven’t been hit by a lightening bolt by announcing I am single!   Get out of San Francisco and Explore One of the things I enjoyed most when I first moved to San Francisco was taking road trips on holidays. I had no family nearby, so I used these days as a day off from work and an opportunity to discover something new. I picked a direction, packed the camera, maybe a picnic basket (places use to be closed on holidays back in the day), and just drive. It was exciting not knowing what I would find, whom I would meet, or what I would see. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, this […]
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