Decibel Magazine hosts Heavy Metal Bands – Live Music Photography

I try to be an honest person. So here goes a bit of honesty. Heavy Metal bands and music are not my thing. But I have a great time photographing them.  Yes, the hair flies, yes, the music is loud and yes, I can’t understand a word. But this was my first time seeing At The Gates, Converge, Pallbearer, Vallenfyre and Special Guests Cormorant and I had a great time. Check out Decibel Magazine for more images.

At-The-Gates-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_157 At-The-Gates-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_161 Converge-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_14 Converge-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_11 Converge-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_02 At-The-Gates-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_201 At-The-Gates-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_185 At-The-Gates-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_181 Converge-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_19 Converge-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_49 Pallbearer-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_85 Pallbearer-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_69 Cormorant-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_06 Cormorant-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_12 Cormorant-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_29 Pallbearer-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_64 Vallenfyre-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_58 Vallenfyre-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_52 Vallenfyre-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_43 Pallbearer-The-Regency-Misti-Layne_94

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