Family Portraits in the Napa Mustard Fields

I’ve known the Tauziet’s for years now and have watched the kids actually come and then grow. When I got the call for the annual portraits and to do them in the mustard I think I actually yelled “YES”! There is no denying Napa is beautiful, but when you add the mustard in vineyard fields you just get a wow factor that makes me look twice.

I think photographing families and for sure kids, needs to be as real as possible. This is what makes a family a family and what makes them unique. I’m not going to try and get toddlers to behave. Frankly, the unwilling behavior is far more fun to photograph! It can be tricky when the sun is going down and there is a mad race against time but in the end, I conquer! In this case, I think I also gained a boyfriend–can you say “Cougar”? Love this family!

TauzietMustard_094 TauzietMustard_081 TauzietMustard_067 TauzietMustard_062 TauzietMustard_052 TauzietMustard_049 TauzietMustard_035 TauzietMustard_020 TauzietMustard_009 TauzietMustard_106

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