Family Portraits without the fuss and just the muss!

Not your typical family portraits…

So, yes, I always kind of start with a premise and a vision when I photograph extended families for family portraits but I give up quickly on that notion and just go with what happens. Why fight what is awesome caos! It always starts out formally and typical. We are strangers, we’ve just met, so of course we are working to be on the same page and find locations and the right light and all the technical things. But it doesn’t take long for everyone to let loose and be who they are.

The intent on this family portrait session was to get the extended family as well as the breakdowns of each child. We started big and ended with the tiniest and newest addition to the family and his older-little brother.

The technical aspect is done and now the fun

Locations were pretty slim pickings but we found a spot that worked that fit the whole group. Then this amazing tree was able to provide something with the right light and a little bit of texture and framing for the children and grandchildren. Now, what to do when you are the singleton and sans kids? Head shots and funny ones at that. No one shall be left out of family portraits on my watch.

Then it is time for the kids. Now, kids this young means working quickly. Keeping them entertained and somewhat focused and the baby was just days old. It’s incredibly important to me to respect all the needs of everyone when we photograph. Do I always get the perfect shot? No, but the comfort of the subject matters far more and if I work quick enough and well enough then I damn well better get a good one!

This was a fun morning and a fun family. I had some laughs, got to pet some dogs and make some portraits that I know are treasured.

family portraits

Environmental family portraits

Environmental family portraits

Environmental family portraits


Environmental family portraits

Environmental family portraits

Environmental family portraits






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