Heart + Mind + Soul

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Photography really and truly feeds my heart and soul. Living in San Francisco opened more doors than I could imagine. But I’m not afraid of exploring the world. I’m a San Francisco photographer but my camera travels well. 

The first time I touched a camera, I smiled for the first time all day–My Real Name.

Living in the dirty, grungy, hardened streets of the old and wonderful New York City when you didn’t know if you’d get mugged and Alphabet City was whispered about but never ventured into, I would hide my camera under my coat looking for moments. The benign, the crazy and the monotonous were all exciting. But it is through these images that I can relive the moments not just by sight but by sound, smell and feelings.  It was then that I learned to never put the camera down.

I have likely traveled 500,000 miles in my lifetime and I’m not even close to being done adding to that tally.  New experiences, learning about others and sharing laughs with people not like me, living in a world unfamiliar to my own and seeing history first hand is hugely important.  Standing on the train tracks at Auschwitz-Birkenau in the dark, a large dog barking in the distance and a train at the nearby station signaling its departure gave me chills then and left me completely unsettled.  Looking at my images today from that platform still makes me shudder and the sounds and smells are brought back full force simply by looking at the image again.

I had to become an adult to realize that you can live and work and eat from what it is that you are passionate about.  Fortunately, people have come to hire me time and again to capture people and events that are important to them.  It thrills me to no end knowing that my images will be passed on for generations to come long after I’ve traveled more of the world, shared a few more laughs with friends and strangers alike and tried my best to make the world a little better while I am here and when I am gone.

The blog will just highlight now and again some of the things that I have experienced and enjoyed photographing on a professional level, personal level and impacted me in some way which, is pretty much any time my camera is in hand. I am a San Francisco photographer who can’t and won’t sit still.

This will always be a work in progress just as I am a constant work in progress.