Portraits, Unaffected

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I truly love doing portraits.  This means everything from head shots with the awesome, fun and talented actors I’ve come across to some real movers and shakers in the corporate world. Then, there are the stories that come to light when photographing families. I know from experience that is not about what camera you have and the notion of “fixing it in Photoshop”. I so abhor hearing this from photographers.

I believe in doing it right the first time and it is about you and me connecting and quite frankly, you forgetting that I even have a camera. In telling the story of families with photography, it is incredibly important to me that you actually forget the camera. This is why and how my portraiture is “unaffected” whether it is a corporate portrait or a family and their dog. I think it is because of this that many of my corporate clients become family clients!

So what makes this San Francisco portrait photographer different than others? I hope that my images speak to you and that they make you feel an intimate connection to the subject which may be your family or the CEO’s portrait on their business web site in some way. These days, anyone can get the latest smart phone or buy a nice camera and get a lucky shot after taking hundreds and tweaking it with that latest app filter. What many of the masses don’t recognize is that these latest cameras, gadgets and apps are just a tool for the means of creating an image but not an authentic portrait.

An artist, in this case a professional photographer, adds something special in an artistic way and completely unique to that artist, that comes only from experience, knowledge and the way each individual artist sees. It is this vision that comes from within that can’t be bought with a nice camera.

So bring on your dogs from small to massive, your babies and kids that may be smiling or cranky and quite frankly, I adore the cranky ones (Did you see me at four?) and your extended families to sit at the beach, in your home or anywhere as it doesn’t matter. Let’s capture some faces and all the expressions that they make and have a few laughs while we are there and see where the story takes us.