Shhh, Proposal Time!

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An Amazing Love Story begins…


Scroll through the images to watch it happen…


Sam lives in Taipei but planned a secret proposal in Napa at Castello di Amorosa of girlfriend Cary. The weather was rainy and overcast but the mood was set and the plan was to be with friends, have “portraits” done and do some wine tasting. Well, that all happened but in the barrel room Sam got down on one knee and asked the completely surprised Cary to marry him.

The plan went flawlessly. The nervousness on his face was priceless! Of course, she said yes. I then spent a most wonderful afternoon with them and their friends and just loved this couple.

Then, 5 months later, I was in Bali to photograph their wedding on a beautiful black sand beach. Yep and their first child’s birthday is the same as mine! Serendipity at its finest!

It’s amazing what life brings to you. This couple, from oh so far away, whom I met randomly, have allowed me to document the most important moments in their lives and I’m forever grateful.