How much do I love a Barndiva Wedding?!?
I just loved Laura and Ryan immediately when I met them. Chic, fun, adventurous, caring and loving. How do you not love that in a person! I witnessed the epic images of their honeymoon and let me say, this couple know how to have fun and their love for each other is just boundless and obvious. It is this love, energy and the people that keep me loving being a wedding photographer. A Barndiva Wedding gets Glamorized I’ve done numerous weddings at Barndiva and can only say they just rock in every way imaginable. The location, the food, the staff, the ambiance and yea, everything. They obviously love what they do and what they represent because they have never failed to play an A game. These events are not about the vendors. They are about the guests and making sure ever need is considered. I can’t recommend this place enough. I have to admit, I’m a HUGE fan of the vendor meals. Documentary wedding photography It isn’t often that I get a good chunk of time for portraits but we had the time for this event. So you will see a lot of portraits but beyond this, it was all documentary. […]
16 Feb 2017 in Wedding, by